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​I totally understand that budget planning is very important
​to you, so I commit to offering more for less.

my help is YOUr help

The first step is yours . . . 


  • Prayer Intercession- If you're in need of prayer, it would be a privilege for my team and I, ​to
    pray ​for you and your concerns. Prayer changes things and we're faithful Prayer Warriors. Thus, we invite you to visit
    our Christian Fellowship,  
    REIGNbow ReNEWed, to submit your prayer requests. Be sure to tell a friend.


Over the years, I've had diverse, personal and professional experiences that developed me as a person, a professional, and an evangelist. With team assistance, I can be an apprentice for you by offering these services: 

  • Inspirational Preaching/Speaking - If your congregation or organization needs a fresh perspective about faith, love, and charity, I'm the vessel to deliver for you.I am a humble student of our LORD with a commitment to explain, preach, sing, and ​teach
    ​the WORD. You'll walk away with essential information to apply to your lives.

  • Celebrant Services - Do you have someone or something to celebrate with GOD and Loved Ones? I can help you by officiating your baby christening, house blessing, memorials, and/or wedding. I'm a Christian evangelist, who will tailor your celebration to leave ​a lasting impression on your soul.
  • Spiritual Coaching - If you're having tough times, coaching of your spirit could help you. You can...
    - LEARN  how to identify, implement & achieve goals
    - GAIN access to tools to help change your life
    - RECEIVE  consistent, encouraging support

    ​​Our innovative service includes coaching and mentoring from a spiritual, biblical perspective. 

  • ReNEW by U  |  Nonprofit Consulting - This service helps
    to create and revitalize awareness.
    Our mission is to increase your membership and activity participation. ReNEW by U identifies growth opportunities; provides viable recommendations; and presents low-to-no
    ​cost resources and tools.
    Let's work it out!