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In 1994, I founded UTOPIA, to offer real-life experience, professional expertise, and diverse services that help our communities live prosperous and blessed lives. Years ago, I saw a need in
my own life for more holistic life alternatives. In 2014, we (Mr. & Mrs. Robinson) felt compelled to work with individuals, non-profit organizations, and other business owners, to help renew their livelihood. At that time, we called our initiative, It's ReNEWed. As a result of life-altering events
​in 2017, we made a decision to create a Christian fellowship called REIGNbow ReNEWed.

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About  the  god  in  ME

As HIS Apprentice and an Evangelist, it's my honor to share a ministry anointed by GOD. The LORD blessed my team

 and I, ​to uncover HIS beautiful grace and mercy. Our goal is to uplift you with creativity, passion, and expertise.


My vision is to illuminate GOD's work

and Word, to help others live more prosperously.


I have ​a B.A. degree (from Kean University) for Fine Arts; a M.A. degree (from the University of Phoenix) for Adult Education; and Certification

(from Princeton Theological Seminary) for Theology and Ministry.

Mr. Will and Mrs. Pam (Smith) Robinson


You're never too old or too smart, to learn something
​new from the LORD. 


am  an artist, designer,
career / spiritual coach, an educator, a marketing pro, a licensed referral agent, a
wife, plus a mother.